Sunday, March 1, 2009

Granny Nanny

Okay, this one was a little harder. The pool table was the start of the idea, but my original idea turned out way to green and icky. So... adding in a few more elements, I finally came up with this one. It's not quite like the other's I've made, but I do like it.

It's got purple carpet. It's got a pool table. It's got a purple martini (couldn't find a good picture of a vegas bomb). And the legs? Well... if you're going to pimp out a Princess you'd better have some good taste in shoes!

My favorite part? The header. It's Granny's family!! I redrew them so they looked cartoony and added some neon bar signs behind them. Oh yeah... it's animated too!! The title flashes from the neon purple shown, to the neon green over in her little logo!! That is awesome!

Only thing I don't like? Because the header is animated I have to put it in using html. As a result, I can't center it.

Now... I do hope she likes it, but it isn't very "Granny-ish" so if she'd rather have a more traditional look, I'd be happy to try again.

Well DAMN! I can't seem to get it to post so you can click for a bigger pic like the others. So I'll improvise and show you the header.



The Queen said...

She should love this.. all her favorites in one place..

Granny Nanny said...

Adorable!! But ummm....I am not real puter savvy, you will have to let me know how to get it.....

The Queen said...

Granny Nanny, you don't have to be puter savvy.. she's from Kansas.. it resides in Kansas..

Just click your heals together three times... turn around and wish it there.. and it shall be...

Oh crap,, wait,, that has something to do with a whole different story..

oh lookie.. shiny that booze???

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