Sunday, March 15, 2009

Artful Inspiration

One of my favorite art projects is altering books. Normally I would rather donate a book than destroy it, but when this Reader's Digest came in the mail I couldn't help but picture a wonderful canvas. Some might say that these sketches would look better on a blank piece of paper, but I believe the text adds something wonderful to the pictures. So while you all know I can "trace" images digitally, I thought I'd share some of my hands on work with you :)
Woman in a Poncho
(This is not my favorite, just a sketch playing around with my markers)

Summer Tree
(I love the whimsy of this tree. It just makes me beam happiness!)
Fairy Dew Drops
(a small sketch on a folded page between the tree and the frog)
Frog Prince
(Yes, I know... he's floating! But I love it!)
Roses Cannot Know True Love
(The verse is original. I never did get why roses stand for love. I think love should be represented by something more hearty... like... I dunno... thistles!)
Pity for Humanity
(I love this angel and have drawn her many times. My favorite is one with broken stained-glass wings.)
Mother Earth
(This turned out far better than I expected when I started. I think I'll write some verse in silver on the black area.)
Sleeping Buddha
(I'm debating on whether to use silver to fill in the buddha. I love the look, he just doesn't stand out the way I'd like. Maybe even a quote in the outer circle.)


Chris said...

Good lord Princess, you are an amazing artist! You really need to put a book together.
big hugs (((u)))

Farmer*swife said...

When do you have time to DO all this!?

The Queen said...

When she was a kid, she would draw artwork on the napkin... while eating a greasy hamburger.. no really.. we had a resturant and somewhere there is a famous artist.. who has a piece of her work when she was in about the 4th grade.. I can not remember who he was.. but she had sat there while we visited and doodled an picture on a napkin..

He asked her to sign it..and he took it with him...

Kelly Dawn said...

ok yeah i so need some princess artwork at my house :) You teach MATH????? why not art???


Anonymous said...

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

Your award will go live sometime on Tues, March 24, 2009

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Thank you,

Bill Austin

Angela said...

I love your work!! I especially like that the writing is in the background!!

Pam D said...

Whoa. THAT is amazing artwork! What an "outside of the box" way to think, with the print filling in the white space. Dang it, I really don't have time for another blog to read, but I guess I'll have to make time, because I can't stop here.

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