Friday, March 13, 2009

Housekeeping (Day 1 of 3)

Okay, we have apartment inspections on Monday. My goal is to have this place sparkling by then (since my landlord felt the need to let herself in and critisize my housekeeping). So, here's the list of things I did today. Maybe it will inspire you to get a security system to keep unwelcome visitors out.
  1. 2 loads of dishes
  2. steamed and wiped down the microwave
  3. wiped down part of the counters
  4. picked up the trash
  5. picked up the laundry from the bedroom
  6. picked up O.C.'s toys from last night
  7. Found the remote to her TV
  8. wiped down a couple of the walls that were a bit greasy
  9. CLR'ed the dish drainer
  10. cleaned out the med cabinet
  11. wiped down the tables
  12. folded some blankets and fluffed some pillows
  13. Bleached the toilet
  14. Can's bagged for recycle

Since the LL is so freaked out, I must have found growling critters in all the corners... right? Wrong!! I found one skillet of dried on hamburger, a bowl of cereal from last night, and one nasty sippy cup hiding under the couch. Other than that... there is nothing I can't tackle... which says a lot since I have the world's weakest stomach and PC has to do the nasty stuff.

So... while she sent me a nice note of concern wanting to know if we were okay and if we needed her help... I can't help but think!!

PULLLEEEAAASSSEEE!! It only looked trashed because a days worth of soda cans were waiting for recycle and dishes were stacked for washing. I know how bad it looked because I gritted my teeth expecting something to bite me... but really, it was just a surface mess.

I sure wish I only worked 16 hours each week and had all my kids in school so I could stay home and make sure dust particles didn't land on my TV stand! Yes... I still like her. Yes... I'll still be civil. But seriously, if she wasn't such a sweetie to me, I'd really like to bitch slap her!

*thinks how hilarious it would have been if PC would have walked out of the bedroom naked while she was letting herself inside* Of course we'd have to place bets on who would be more embarassed!


Farmer*swife said...

*sigh* I hope you don't think I'm one of those 16 hour a week, kids in school, TV dusting peeps. I'm a busy-busy Gal!

I've just spent the last week glued to the LT working on Root & Sprout, Grow Together and growing both their traffic.

Why does your apartment do inspections? College kids would never survive! They'd be evicted every time!!!


The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

FW - not you hun... but the landlord only works 16 hrs and all her kids are in school (I think). Obviously she has more time to clean than PC and I since she thought my "non-mold-growing" kitchen was filthy. A couple days of dishes seem to have sent her into cardiac arrest.

And we have inspections b/c it's federal housing. It also happens to be the only place to rent in this town. We pay full rent, you'd think we'd be exempt from inspections and crap... but no.

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