Sunday, September 27, 2009

If You Are Reading This...

You know that I have not died... only caved under the pressures of life.

But much too your enjoyment (or if you're related to me... dismay!)

I have plans to be back in full force... soon... I think...

And in honor of that... I totally didn't listen to any of you and created a whole new idea for a blog design. I think you'll like it! (I hope you like it)

I tried to add a picture to show just what I'm talking about... but blogger doesn't like my "YOU LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE" internet speed... so pictures will come another day when it isn't almost 3 in the morning.

Oh... so you want to see it do you?

I'd ask you to beg... but I think you've waited patiently long enough.

But you have to keep in mind that it's not completely finished. I have some awesome plans for new additions on the blog-palace!

Check it out... and leave a comment so I make sure you get into the new blogroll!! (you can do it... even if it's just *flipping you the middle finger*... I can accept that!... but comment so I can flip you one in return!)


Farmer*swife said...

ME! ME! Add me to the new blog roll! Looking forward to your new layout!

Anonymous said...

I made it to the new house..

Mom mie

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