Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Visit the New Site

Like I mentioned before (I think)... in order to fix some of the codex problems that have come with the many layout changes here... I had to change the site address.  Please be sure to update your links to heretherebedreams.blogspot.com as I will eventually stop updating on this site.

Also, readers seem to come and go with time (an blog-lapses)... so in order to get on the new blogroll please visit the new site HERE and leave a comment.  While you will remain on the blogroll here... Only those loyal (aka. bored) enough to journey to the new palace will have a spot on the new blogroll.

I *HEART* you all dearly and hope you will visit me once again.

1 comment:

Granny Nanny said...

Add me! looking forward to seeing the new layouts you come up with...

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