Monday, May 4, 2009

In case you thought I was lying!!

Coconut Bra & Hula skirt to wear to your 40-yr-old Uncle's wedding... $10
Roll of film to catch that priceless moment... $2
Developing the photo of his beet red face... $0.50
Having him get revenge at YOUR wedding 5-years later!!!

I knew you would never believe that Uncle Auto Fucktard was really in no position to be snubbing me at the wedding... so I stole the proof from my cousin (just in case he has the negatives destroyed!)

((Of course I covered his face to accentuate the obvious to protect his true identity.))

As if it wouldn't be scary enough to be the bride when THIS guy walks into your ceremony.

Imagine the horror to find out THIS is what he's wearing!!!

And if you're curious... THIS is how the bride and groom react when he flashes them as they exit the ceremony!!

Now... if you're NOT married, you need to pick up your phone NOW and call to apologize for anything you may have done to ever embarass your family.

If you ARE married (not to my family), call your relatives and thank them for NOT being WIERDOS!!

**And in case you were wondering... yes... she did (only because it was too expensive to find a trailer full of flying pigs!)... so I guess she so deserved it!!


The Queen said...

omg her reaction is priceless

Christi said...

OMG! I'm laughing my ass off. Too funny.

Farmer*swife said...

I'm confused. Who's wedding? U'r uncle? What? Cute bride, though.

Oh, BTW. I thought The Queen rocked and then I found my way (she kicked me, j/k) to your blog and thought you rocked and then I thought you rocked more, being her offspring -- it captures more genetic rock.

But, then I realized that she, The Queen ROCKS, and you rocked off from her block of rock!

So, apparently, y'all both ROCK in the order that the Rock is inherited and appropriately and genetically passed down. :-)

Heart Y'all Ladies! The Princess and The Queen!

The said...

5 years ago.. the bride in these pictures.. showed up at the wedding of the man in the coconut bra's wedding (it was a ourdoor wedding with a beer bottle wedding cake).. in a hula skirt and a coconut bra..(he had put on the invitation come as you are).

So.. five years later.. he returned the favor.. at her very very formal wedding...

they are Uncle and Niece.

Anonymous said...

the is THE QUEEN trying to type on a desktop keyboard when she is used to a laptop.. ha ah..


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