Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gimme a Break!!

It's the last productive week of school. (Whoever thought it would be brilliant to come back to school for 2 days after Memorial Day should have their teeth kicked in!) Needless to say, "busy as a bee" will not even begin to describe it. So please excuse the lapse in blogisms while I try to keep from pulling all of my hair out attempt to assure the education of future generations.

Last week I tried to hide under my desk to skirt my duties finished purchase orders for the classroom (huge thanks to co-workers who can spend an extra $100 in record time and others who can type up the forms when I'm totally tired of shopping on company funds!)

Next weekend, we're throwing B-day party #2 at the bowling alley. Thankfully, that's Prince Charming's baby and I don't have to do SHIT!

Have I mentioned I'm behind on housework and every other household duty? Please don't look under my bed.

So forgive me for this horrible neglect to my blog. I'll be busy reminding myself not to have more children trying to help 5 kids pass Geometry, 3 pass English, 2 pass Art, and kicking the asses of 15 others hoping that everyone else will at least get through to their next grade level.
Bear with me. Summer drinking fun is coming soon and I'll definately have some great tales to tell!
Sun, Rays and Passing Grades!!


Baseball Mom said...

Good Luck! Almost done. Least it is 2 days after and not a 1/2 day after Memorial Day then their done. That I think is the DUMBEST thing I have yet to see.

MrsW said...

Wow that is one early, and I assume long summer. When do you go back? Thank gawd I only have to suffer my OH and older kids at home for 6 or 7 weeks in summer. Any longer and there'd be a bloodbath.

Farmer*swife said...

I've got y'all beat. We have SCHOOL on MEMORIAL DAY. yeppers. Hmpft!

And, three and 1/2 more days!

Then, we can all party summer-time blog style! :-)

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