Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Best Part of Holiday Shopping

I'm finally finished!! Okay... so that's a lie... there are still two gifts left to buy but their gift cards so that doesn't count!!

Other perks... (gotta keep it kinda on the downlow so the Queen doesn't know what she's getting)
  • Over $200 off jewelry at Zales
  • 50 pk Old Western DVD's for Dad $13 (Pamida)
  • Sew Machine for me $49 (Walmart)
  • Food Saver for Prince Charming $48 (Kmart)
  • Two mini pizza stones for P.C. $13 (Pamida)
  • Disney Toddler bed for Ogre Child $48 (Kmart)
  • 70% off fleece sleepers for O.C. (Target)
  • Digital Camera for nephew $15 (Target)
  • 90% off Photo Paper for nephews(Staples)
  • Dehydrator for BIL $30 (Pamida)
  • Serving dishes for SIL $8 (Kmart)
  • Spa bath set for boss $7 (Walmart - Dec 26, 2007)

I only had to pay full price for 4 gifts!! And even then two of those were only because I had no idea what to get and I'm tired of shopping. So I copped out and bought the preboxed gift sets for $20. The other two were toys for a niece and nephew. I might have payed full price for the O.C's potty chair but at $17 for a chair that will grow with her... I can't complain.

In the end, I'm just fed up with shopping. I even gave up on my fave SIL and got her a gift card to go with some small things she'd picked out.

A frame for a picture, a Border's gift card, and a gift card to a restaurant and we're finished.

Even with the saving up and careful shopping, I always feel like I've spent too much by the time it's over. And then, I think to myself... I DON'T EVEN CARE! Even if it makes money a bit tight... I'm okay with it. Because I'm not big on keeping up with the birthdays/anniversaries/other special occasions in the lives of those I love. So I figure that once a year, I'm entitled to splurge on those I love to see them happy!

And I don't care one bit what I get in return. (Though I did treat myself as you all know... but I deserve it).

What I care about is...

  • my parents will be here for Christmas morning (their first with OC).
  • My SIL loves my daughter as if she were her own and spoils her almost as much as the Queen.
  • I have 3 nephews who are the sweetest boys in the world.
  • My baby sis remembers us even though we only talk about twice a year.
  • I only have to drive 30 miles this Christmas (WOOHOO!!)
  • Though "budget cuts" have reduced the size of my family, the amount of LOVE in my family has tripled!! **
  • Did I mention I spoiled myself at Zales? hehe

There's one more week of hecticness left in the "Workshop" and while the boss is playing hooky/sobering up... it's going to be a MESS!! The weatherman has predicted Reindeer poop by the foot!! So while I'm trying to keep over-excited, unfocused, and down-right lippy adolescent elves focused on their studies so they can grow up to be halfway decent, well-rounded, humans with High School diplomas... I hope the rest of you find some time to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the Shopping Frenzy!

This holiday season I wish you the following...

  • Family and friends who matter deeply to you
  • Hearts filled with love and caring
  • Thankfulness for the things you are able to give as well as for what you recieve
  • A heartfelt wish that you have the food, shelter, and loving company that we all so desperately need
  • (and maybe something sparkly and pretty under the tree on Christmas morning)

Happy Holidays!!!

** Footnote: In case you aren't "in the loop", I assure you that the "Budget Cuts" have nothing to do with money... we'll chalk it up to "conflict of interest"... I'm interested in raising a well rounded, semi-sane child who is not confused about her moral issues... THEY have seriously deranged morals and hurt their own family members at the first sign of a dispute. My editors tell me we just don't need that kind of drama in this FairyTale production. So we cut a few cast members and the whole scene runs much more smoothly :)


Chris said...

You have been a mighty busy elf. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of love, light, and laughter. I'll be there in spirit. love you honey xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Queenie has a potty chair for the OC sitting in her garage..I thought I told you that.. oh well.. I bought mine on MB's garage your's is new... but mine plays music.. does yours?

Oh well .. I guess I'll get my OC potty trained before you get your's ....

How long is it gonna take me to teach Tink to pee in the potty chair.. since she won't leave the deck now that there is snow...

tt said...

Merry christmas kiddo!!!
Hugs and loves to you and My Queen!

Farmer*swife said...

I don't know when I missed this post but I was just thinking last night and this morning and wondering with the Fairy Tale Princess had gone!

Busy, busy! Hope the New Year slows things down for a day or so!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

She will now be busy for a few days explaining to the child that temper tantrums only work when Grandpa and Grandma are there.. the rest of the time.. they are useless...and pry end in a time out...

Farmer*swife said...

There's an award for you at my place! [Is that cheating to get you to come out and play?]

My Outside Voice said...

She is quite the little Christmas shopper.. She bought her Momma a white gold rope chain for Christmas.. so of course.. we had to make her Dad by me a Locket at Zales the next day to put on it.. oh yea.. she is on the nice list for a long long long time...

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